Tricia: Baby showers can be the worst! As someone who has never been pregnant it was hard to find something that is luxurious yet focused on the new mother. I definitely wanted something for the woman because the baby is going to get its needs met for a lifetime but I don’t want my friend to forget about herself for a single second. I've never been able to find something to fit my high standards until I found the Postpartum Queen Box. I looked like a rock star for giving it and I know my friend has all the tools to take care of herself first, and the permission to do so which is priceless.

 Emily: I'm so excited to give my friend Sam the Postpartum Queen box for her baby shower. There amongst a sea of onesies and cute things for her baby girl is a box full of things she's Actually going to need. Everyone thinks to take care of the baby- I want to give a present that shows that I want to take care of Mama, too."

 Melanie: Love the Postpartum Queen box! The products are higher end and beautifully presented! I  recently had twins and it feels like I have been nursing nonstop! The ‘Happy Mumma Nipple Butter’ has been especially helpful, and I really liked the lactation cookies. The book also has great information! I plan to buy this as a shower gift in the near future!

 Leanne: The Postpartum Queen box was the best part of my baby shower! It was so gorgeous, and extremely helpful! 

All of the 2nd time mom’s ‘ooo’d and awwed’ when they saw the gift! The women with experience knew how valuable the gift was and I was about to learn just how valuable it was!!!

I knew that I needed a lot of these products, but didn’t really know where to get them, or how to get started. The box launched me into getting ready to really care for myself after the birth.

Since having a baby this box has continued to bless me over and over again. It’s more than what’s in the box... it’s the heart and souls behind the contents. It’s not just about the things in the box that has to help me heal physically, these women really care. The love, the stories, the validation... the emotional care that is included in the box is incredible! This box cares for my physical recovery while kicking the crap out of mommy-shaming and knocking it to the curb, and putting the fear of failure where it belongs... far far from mom’s who are working their hardest. It’s made it easier to let people in my home, understand things that I might need before I knew that I needed it, and has helped me to be gracious to myself.

Theres still a gap in making sure that mom’s are well cared for in postpartum. All of us in our culture will benefit when we are more open, vulnerable, and honest about the journey that moms are on and some of the struggles that go along with it. Opening the lid of this box blows the lid off of the silence and shame that still surrounds the true experiences of women and birth. It opens up the truth and authenticity that women deserve to know when entering this new chapter of their life.

Having info about the postpartum journey before it happens helps minimize the hardships, and makes it feel manageable and about 900% less scary. It’s full of practical and emotional pieces that make any bumps in the road of postpartum motherhood a whole lot more predictable and manageable. I saw the bumps coming, and I had some idea of how to manage them before I got there.

It’s more than a business, its more than the product, it’s what these women are doing for women.

 Andy: It was so nice to have a gift to give the mom-to-be!  My sister was expecting her first and I wanted to do something just for her! Of course the baby is going to get spoiled so to have a gift to acknowledge this important time in her life was really nice! I gave it to her in her due date! An all together kit for that new mom - that gives her permission to take care of herself! Would totally recommend for those special ladies in life!

 Emily: I love the Postpartum Queen box - it’s such a great gift idea. I was so excited for my sister-in-law to open it at her baby shower, knowing that I was giving her something so thoughtful, useful and unique. And it doesn’t even need to be wrapped, the packaging is so pretty! 

 Jovita: A friend started a new business. Cool. It has to do with postpartum. Cool. I’m pregnant so I’ll be able to order her product. Cool. I was gifted her product and wow! It’s full of what any newborn’s mom needs: love and support. The Postpartum Queen box is the only company I’ve come across that focuses fully on a mom’s postpartum phase. It contains products and resources covering all the thoughts and actions a new Mom would experience. I’m due in a couple months and I’m already feeling taken care of because of my Postpartum Queen box!

Pooja: The Postpartum Queen box is such a great gift that I’ve been able to give to a few friends who are expecting this year. I love knowing that I am giving them a gift that will help them with their mental and physical recoveries and that these Mom-to-be’s are getting taken care of too, and not just baby. I feel good knowing that so much thought has gone into the box and that the products are tailored to what women really need! 

Paige: What a great package for postpartum mums, especially first timers like me! That healing process after birth is overwhelming to think about sometimes and having a complete package like this sure helps the worry! I am especially excited to use the bath salts! Definitely great for a gift for friends and family as well!

Bijal: The Postpartum Queen pink box is a treasure trove of essentials. I received my post pregnancy "survival kit" from a close friend and was elated to see all of the products inside. Gifting this package to a friend or any soon to be new mom is letting them know that you have their back. The information overload that takes place during pregnancy can be difficult to manage; you're thinking about your current state while trying to imagine and prepare for your future one. This box truly considers all of your needs and has clearly been put together in the most thoughtful way so that you can manoeuvre through postpartum care with a little more ease.