When Postpartum Queen first started their goal was to be able to help as many woman as possible have a positive postpartum experience, especially women in need, which is why they've partnered with the following non-profits. Together with these non-profits, Postpartum Queen has been able to get their Postpartum Care kits out to moms and families facing poverty, families in crisis, Indigenous Peoples, new immigrants, pregnant women at risk of homelessness and mom's with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Please consider donating a Postpartum Queen box to one of these businesses. Use code: GIVINGBACK to get 10% off any box at checkout and a box will be donated to one of the following non-profits. Please email us at info@postpartumqueen.com if you have a preference for which non-profit that it goes to.


This year Postpartum Queen was featured in a Shopify Studios video, check it out to hear about one of our partnerships.



Aspen Family & Community Network Society helps community members find and maintain stable housing to keeping children and families safe, we create the conditions for people to make the positive, lasting changes they wish to see in their lives, families and communities.




The Small and Mighty Project makes gift bags for families with babies in the NICU. We all know that having a baby in the NICU is a very stressful time, so their goal is to help and hopefully brighten their day a bit. The items in the bag also help with meal delivery, and getting items that they may not have been able to get before their baby arrived early. The long term goal for this project is for one day to have every family who walks through the doors of the NICU to receive one of these gift bags. Which is a pretty HUGE goal. In 2017 their goal was 400 bags and they were able to put together 486! This year their goal is 500 bags + and with the support and donations from businesses and private donors in Calgary they will be able to do this. Their goal is to be able to give a gift bag to every single family in the NICU by 2020.




Postpartum Queen is so excited to announce its new partnership with FullSoul Canada. In Uganda, 16 maternal deaths occur per day in contrast to 16 a year in Canada. In order to protect the health and safety of mothers, babies, and medical practitioners during childbirth, FullSoul Canada equips hospitals in Uganda with medical supplies through the Maternal Medical Kit program.Starting June 1st, Postpartum Queen will now be donating 10% of all our full priced sold kits to FullSoul to buy the Safe Medical Birth Kits.