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Baby showers can be the worst! As someone who has never been pregnant it was hard to find something that is luxurious yet focused on the new mother. I definitely wanted something for the woman because the baby is going to get its needs met for a lifetime but I don’t want my friend to forget about herself for a single second. I've never been able to find something to fit my high standards until I found the Postpartum Queen Box. I looked like a rock star for giving it and I know my friend has all the tools to take care of herself first, and the permission to do so which is priceless.


Love the Postpartum Queen box! The products are higher end and beautifully presented! I  recently had twins and it feels like I have been nursing nonstop! The ‘Happy Mumma Nipple Butter’ has been especially helpful, and I really liked the lactation cookies. The book also has great information! I plan to buy this as a shower gift in the near future!


I'm so excited to give my friend Sam the Postpartum Queen box for her baby shower. There amongst a sea of onesies and cute things for her baby girl is a box full of things she's Actually going to need. Everyone thinks to take care of the baby- I want to give a present that shows that I want to take care of Mama, too."

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